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По умолчанию Modern Warfare 2 ClanBase Rules

Европейские ладдеры:

- MW2 Search & Destroy 4on4 to 6on6
- MW2 Search & Destroy 1on1
- MW2 Search & Destroy 2on2
- MW2 Search & Destroy 3on3
- MW2 Capture the Flag
- MW2 Capture the Flag 1on1
- MW2 Capture the Flag 2on2
- MW2 Capture the Flag 3on3
- MW2 Team Deathmatch
- MW2 Team Deathmatch 1on1
- MW2 Team Deathmatch 2on2
- MW2 Team Deathmatch 3on3

Global rules

10. General

1. If the ladder rules for a specific ladder conflict with these global ladder rules, then the specific rules have precedence.

2. The proper functioning of the ladder system depends on the sportsmanship of the participating clans. We expect everybody to play by the rules, but also to be flexible when circumstances require it and to be reasonable when an opponent has problems beyond their control.

3. Not knowing the ladder rules is never a valid excuse for not following them.

4. ClanBase reserves the right to broadcast every match. This can be done with online game broadcast tools for spectating purposes. The recording of such broadcasts can't be refused by the clans. In many cases ClanBase will allow or ask third parties to broadcast the matches. Spectators may never be charged.

5. For any questions or comments concerning the ladder or the outcome of conflicts, contact the ladder supervisor by e-mail or CB Private Messages. For any questions or comments concerning the ladder or the outcome of conflicts that the supervisor can't resolve, or for complaints about the supervisor, read here.
Messages not written in English will not be understood and will not be read. Messages containing abusive language will be ignored. Messages will be dismissed by the ladder managers if the controversial issue has not been discussed with the ladder supervisor first, or the ladder supervisor answered correctly but was ignored.

6. Agreements and arrangements made in the challenge notes field, on the server or elsewhere are not binding. Only the official ladder rules and settings (maps, optional rules) decided on the challenge form should be followed and be considered as the correct rules. Agreements that contradict the ladder rules will be overruled in conflicts.
For example: In conflicts, we will ignore clans who claim that the opponent agreed that they could use a freelancer on IRC or that the clan had put ‘24-hour rule doesn’t apply’ on the challenge notes and the opponent accepted. Proposed servers are never binding and are ‘suggested’ play locations only.

7. Disclaimer: references to any gender in any ladder rulebooks within this website do not imply these ladder rules are gender-specific.

11. Clans and Players

1. Any clan registered on ClanBase can participate in any regular ladder. There are some additional requirements clans must meet before they can join an Invitational ladder described in Invitational ladder rules. For information on how to register your clan on ClanBase, read the FAQ.

2. It is not forbidden for a player to be a member of more than one clan if the player links their personalities by using the link on the admin page. Any player in more than one clan without linking their personalities will be considered to be a freelancer in all clans except the one they were registered with first, unless the duplicate account is inactive. Account is considered to be inactive if the last login date was over 60 days ago before the match date.
All except the oldest account of the player’s unlinked accounts will be deleted. Where the oldest account has been abandoned the next oldest (used) account will remain. The only exception is when the duplicate accounts are no longer active and are unused.

3. Only players who are registered in a clan on ClanBase can play in ladder matches, and they can only play with the nick (or very similar) they're registered with in that clan. Only players that have been registered as clan member for 24 hours or more are allowed to play for their new clan. Unregistered players, players violating the 24-hour rule and registered clan members who use a different nick or GUID from the one registered on CB will be considered freelancers.
Clans may request another player to be used by the opponent before the match, if their choice is violating this rule. If they cannot replace the player then the match is a no-show.

4. Once the match starts, neither clan can complain that the other clan is using a player with a different nickname or who hasn't been in the clan for 24 hours. A clan may make a claim of freelancers if their opponent uses a player who has the wrong GUID registered or is an unregistered player, or uses a substitute who is breaking the above rule, or a player changes their name into an unrecognisable nickname during the match.

5. The above 24-hour rule does not apply to clans that joined the ladder (for the first time only) less than 48 hours before the official match time. The 24-hour rule does not apply to players who were briefly removed from the clan, for instance accidentally by the clanleader, assuming they were in the clan for 24 hours previously. A brief period is considered no longer than 18 hours. Players who are absent for longer than this period will be considered new to the clan again and must be in the clan for a further 24 hours before they are eligible to play.

6. Using a freelancer in a ladder match will result in a forfeit loss. Using freelancer(s) in multiple matches will result in a temporary suspension of the clan from affected ladders or even all ladders. Violations are accumulated over time. See the punishment guide for specific durations. Freelancers used over a year ago will not count, unless the clan has a long history of using freelancers.

12. Ladders

1. ClanBase only creates ladders when we believe there's a 'market' for it. When a new game or mod is released, we usually create a European ladder for it first, and country ladders later as the European ladder becomes busier. A game/mod must have been played very actively in CB for a while before we consider making an invitational ladder for it.

2. If you would like to request a new ClanBase ladder for a new game, mod or an existing game and you think there will be enough interest from other clans to make it competitive - please start a petition (or vote for an existing petition) using this page.
Next, we will consider adding the ladder, based on the popularity of the game or mod and based on our relevant expertise in order to provide a great working ladder. There is no set number of votes that will ensure a ladder or game is added. The ladder/game may be rejected if it has been tried before and failed.

3. Country/region ladders may be restricted to clans of the corresponding nationality, appearing in the Regional Ladders section of the rules. Not every ladder has these rules, but the restriction for all regional ladders is that matches for country/region ladders have to be played on servers in that country/region, unless both clans prefer not to. When clans play on a server not within the region, neither clan can later dispute the score because of it, as when a match starts – servers and settings are accepted. Disputes need to be settled before the match starts.

4. The inactivity system will remove clans from all the ladders with more than 20 active clans, who haven't played for 8 weeks. Read here for more info. The inactivity system is designed not to work on ladders with no or little activity. Dormant clans will not be forcibly removed from inactive ladders by the ladder chiefs unless they hold the number one spot. Please do not ask us to do so, alternatively challenge more active clans in the ladder.

5. The gold, silver, and bronze ladder icons can be obtained only in large/active ladders. These icons feature next to the clan’s name.

6. Playing several matches against the same opponent in a short period of time is considered cheating as it distorts the ranking. As a rule of thumb, never play the same opponent twice in less than one week unless you also play many other matches. Playing the same opponent three or more times in one ladder or over many ladders will result in short-term suspensions as described here. In case of grave violations it will be assumed the matches are fake.

7. Clans without the required amount of players can be removed from the ladder after 7 days.

8. When a possible fake match is discovered, both clans involved will be suspended from all ClanBase ladders without warning, or even deleted for repeat violations. See the punishment table.
Clanleaders have 72 hours to appeal against this decision, but they must supply proof of the match in the form of screenshots or demos and post them on the war summary page. Players should then mail the supervisor that reported them; unless the supervisor’s details were not included in the clan’s suspension/deletion notes.

13. The rating system

1. ClanBase ladders use a rating system based on the ELO system known from chess. Every clan starts with a rating of 1000 points. After each match, points are added or subtracted based on whether the outcome of the match was a win, a loss or a draw (the score has no importance).

2. How many points you gain after a win or lose after a defeat depends on the rating difference between you and your opponent before the match. The ELO formula is very complicated, but the following easy examples will give you a good idea:
- Beating an opponent with the exact same rating gets you 60 points.
- The maximum amount of points you can win for a single victory is 120, but to get this many points you'll have to beat an opponent who is 700 or more points ahead of you in the ranking. You get 100 points for beating an opponent who is 200 points ahead.
- Beating lower ranked opponents gets you less than 60 points. If they were 200 points below you you only gain 20 points, if they were 300 points below you only get 10 points, and if they were 400 points below you get a mere 5 points.
- If a match ends in a draw you will gain points if your opponent was ranked higher, or lose points if they were ranked lower.
- The number of points you can win and the number of points you can lose always add up to 120. So if you can only win 30 points with a victory, you can lose 90 points with a defeat.

3. Against clans that have played less than 3 matches in a ladder, you only win or lose half the amount of points you could win or lose.

4. The ladder leader does not have a rating, but is considered to have an infinite rating instead. Top 5 clans can take the top spot by challenging the current ladder leader and beating them in a direct confrontation. If that happens they become the new ladder leader while the old leader will return to the normal ranking with the points they had before. If the challenger loses or plays a draw, the ladder leader’s position doesn’t change.

5. The ladder leader is not allowed to refuse playing the other top 5 clans without a valid reason (valid decline options are proposed by the system, see Arranging Matches). Repeatedly rescheduling to senseless dates or with non-default match rules or only playing lower ranked clans in order to be able to decline challenges will be considered abusing the ladder system and the clan will risk being removed from the first spot, and suspended. You need to provide the supervisors with valid match IDs (wid) of matches they have declined or we will not act.

6. Clans at the number one spot who are legitimately beaten may not create a war, accept and confirm the score with a 2nd clan before the score to the original one has been confirmed - so that the 2nd clan gets the number one spot.

7. Clans outside the top 5 can also challenge the ladder leader, but such challenges can be declined freely. If the ladder leader is beaten then they're switched with the second ranked clan while the challenger gains 120 points. If the ladder leader wins, nothing changes.

8. In case the number one has been deleted for ladder, cup or C&A violations, the second clan in the ladder is set to number one.

14. Methods of challenging

1. There are several methods in which to find clans to play against:
1. Direct challenges
2. Open challenges
3. Automatches
4. IRC requests
5. LAN matches

2. Direct challenges are challenges where you challenge specific clans you have selected yourself. They can be made by clicking the challenge cross on the ladder's rating page or recently joined page to the right of the clan's name, or to the right of a ladder's name on a clan's matches page. The challenged clan is required to confirm the challenge, decline it or reschedule the time.

3. Open Challenges (OC) can be created by members without specifying who their opponent is. Their matches are then advertised and other clans can search for matches they want. The OC creator sets criteria which clans must reach, including judge rating, proposed maps and ladder ranking. Once accepted an OC becomes a regular match where all the rules in this book apply. Clans can create up to 3 OCs per ladder and cannot accept more than one OC from the same opponent.

4. Automatches are matches randomly scheduled by CB which clans set up with an automatch entry. CB pairs opponents if their entry settings match each other's. Once a match is created from an automatch entry - all the same rules apply as direct challenges. Turning up to the match is obligatory. Clans can make up to 7 automatches per ladder. Times between automatch entries cannot overlap.

5. IRC requests - Users are allowed to use CB game channels (i.e. #clanbase.mw2) to search for ClanBase wars, within reason. If someone cannot find an opponent straight after making a request they shouldn't spam the request again or they may be removed from the channel.

6. LANs - Clans should not play ladder matches at LANs as they may be mistaken for fake matches, unless the following precautions are taken:
* You arrange friendly matches only, OR
* You arrange the match in advance of the LAN and sort out the scores after the LAN has finished OR
* You upload demos immediately after the match, or post match screenshots showing the final scores.

15. Arranging matches

1. The deadline for reacting to a challenge is 7 days after the challenge or 7 days before the war, whichever is later. If by the deadline the opponent still hasn't reacted to the challenge, they get a penalty of 5 points. If the ladder leader ignores such a challenge, they will lose their position to the second clan. You can set an earlier deadline for accepting the challenge, but then there is no penalty if the opponent doesn't react in time.
2. You can only refuse a challenge from another clan in the following cases:
* Reschedule: You want to reschedule the match to another date. This date has to be within 14 days of the original challenge.
* Unequal match: There is a gap of 10 ranking positions and 100 points between you and your opponent, or you have more than 1100 points and it's your opponent's first match.
* Busy in this ladder: you already have 2 or more matches in this ladder in the next 30 days.
* Custom maps: the opponent selected custom maps.
* Declinable matchrule: the opponent selected a declinable match rule in the challenge form.
* Hibernate: you want to set your clan as inactive in this ladder. You lose 32 points but after that you can decline all challenges. All your scheduled matches are cancelled when you go into hibernation. Hibernation ends automatically when you play an official match for this ladder again.
These options are only available for the ladder leader:
* Unequal match: The challenging clan is not ranked in the top 5 of the ladder.
* Resign: Using this option will make the ladder leader lose it's position in the ladder to the second ranked clan.
If you don't want to play the match for some other reason, you'll have to contact the other clan (e-mail, IRC, ICQ) and persuade them to cancel their challenge.
3. A scheduled match can be cancelled until 12 hours before the starting time on the Agenda. The side that wishes to cancel the match will either have to request a reschedule or go into hibernation.
4. When both clans agree not to play a match it can be cancelled for any reason after its scheduled starting time. Just choose the 'Match was cancelled' option on the result form.
5. If a match is played without being arranged on ClanBase first, then both sides are depending on each other's sportsmanship to accept the result afterwards. We will not force match results when there was no accepted challenge for that match.

16. Before the match

1. To find your opponent before a match, you should look on their clan channel on IRC or contact them directly through ClanBase private message (aka CB PM), ICQ, MSN or any other means if you don't use IRC.

2. If you still haven't managed to get in touch with your opponent 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time of the war, you can fill in a no-show. Report a no-show by posting a clear comment on the war page why the match is a no-show and what you've done to contact your opponent.
Put your clan tag on and enter the ladder's IRC channel (#clanbase.mw2) and request an admin to confirm your report - include the full match link (warid). This will be considered proof of your presence and your opponent’s absence. To contest this, the other clan must also log a no-show and report it. If an admin doesn't response ask for confirmation from an admin in #clanbase.help.

3. If you're more than 10 minutes late, you have to accept a no-show if your opponent insists. If you feel there's a good reason the result shouldn't be a no-show, you'll have to convince your opponent of that.

4. If one clan is short of players or refuses to start the match with the rules agreed upon in the challenge form, the other clan can demand a no-show to be filled in. Remember that challenge notes, the proposed server and agreements made elsewhere are not considered to be binding rules.

5. Repeatedly not showing up for matches will result in removal and suspensions.

17. During the match

1. Once a match has started, its result counts, unless both sides agree it shouldn't. Ping, lag issues or incorrect server settings are no excuse for leaving; you should have checked the server before you started playing.

2. If one clan walks away from the match, the score at the time when their last player quit can be considered to be the result of the match by the clan that stayed. If this score doesn't reflect the probable final outcome of the match, ClanBase can change it to the advantage of the clan that stayed.

18. After the match

1. Either clan can enter the result of a match, unless the other has already done so. A match result can be:
* The real score of the match.
* A no-show if the opponent didn't show up.
* The result reflects the punishment specified in the rules which the opponent violated.
* A forfeit if the opponent violated rules with no punishment specified.

2. In case of a no-show it's strictly forbidden to fill in any score (even 1-0), even when both clans agree. Instead you must check the no-show box on the result form, which will result in a fixed penalty of 10 points for the clan not showing up. No-show matches where a score has been entered may be cancelled or changed to a no-show without warning.

3. Once one clan has entered a result, five things can happen:
* The score is edited by the clan that entered it.
* The score is accepted by the other clan, and ladder ratings are adjusted accordingly.
* The other clan refuses to accept the score, and enters another result.
* The other clan refuses to accept the score, making it a match conflict (see below).
* Both clans do nothing for 4 days, after which the score is accepted automatically.

4. Clans may not confirm a no-show instead of the real score to get more points, unless a no-show is the punishment for violating a rule. Clans that put in an excessive no. of no-shows instead of the correct score will be suspended. To avoid this, ensure that you report a match as a no-show in the ladder IRC channel.

5. Clans should provide an accurate Player of the Match list. Supervisors may alter or remove a clan's PotM list if the wrong players were added or an excessive number of members were added to the list.

19. Match conflicts

1. The match conflict system functions as a court room with ClanBase admins acting as judges. A match conflict can be made when the result entered by one clan is not accepted by the other. Due to the extra workload conflicts cause, the rules below are to be strictly followed.

2. The system will not allow the creation of match conflicts during the first 24 hours after the match time, so try to solve the conflict with your opponent by IRC/ICQ/e-mail or in the match report first. Not making an effort before starting the official match conflict, will result in an automatic loss of the conflict.

3. If you can't resolve the conflict with your opponent then try entering the appropriate match result first. Only after the opponent changes the result, you should initiate a conflict. Entering false match results will result in an automatic loss of the conflict.

4. In the conflict both sides must explain the problem in a short but clear and complete way. Only relevant and proven facts may be mentioned. Links to proof must be included right away. If proof is requested from the other clan, it must exactly be stated what, from who and for what reasons. Failure to make a proper match conflict will lead to an automatic loss of the conflict.

5. Clans are allowed to write conflicts and comments in the language of a regional ladder if the ladder supervisor is from that same region. But a translation in English must always be provided as well. If in the event the conflict is looked at by another supervisor, everything not mentioned in English will be ignored.

6. Examples of valid proof are demos, in-game screenshots and server logs that were obtained from a neutral party. Private logs from IRC, ICQ, etc or server logs provided by either clan will not be considered to be evidence because they can be easily falsified. If a demo is used as proof of cheating or other malicious actions, you must immediately specify the exact moment(s) (down to the exact minute and second) where the cheating occurred or the conflict will be lost automatically. Supervisors will not look at entire demos.

7. If the ladder rules allow a clan to request something from the other clan (demos, screenshots,...) and the conflict is made because the opponent failed to provide requested items, they have 3 days to upload the items on to the ClanBase ftp using the correct file names. The other clan can also make such request but only during the first 3 days of the conflict. Upload requests can only be made once by both sides. When a requested upload is complete, the other clan has 3 days to provide all info as how the requested and uploaded items would make proof for their claims.

8. When dealing with conflicts involving cheat accusations, the involvement of anti-cheat organisations is preferred, but will not be relied upon in all cases. Particularly if they take a long time to reach a verdict. As demos need to be examined thoroughly, such conflicts may take up to two months to handle.

9. Both sides must state the match result they claim. In case of a score, links to screenshots must be posted immediately. Making ungrounded claims will result in an automatic loss of the conflict.

10. Any form of abuse, starting off-topic discussions, making unproven accusations, needless repeating already mentioned facts or any other comments not relevant to solving the case will all result in an automatic loss of the conflict.

11. It is strictly forbidden to contact any admin in private to defend your case. You may only ask the admin processing your conflict in private, after one calendar month how long a result on your conflict will take. Anything you have to say must be said openly. Trying to influence an admin in private will lead to an automatic loss of the conflict.

12. An automatic loss of the conflict means the claim of the opponent will be granted. If the opponent didn't make a claim, the result will be a no-show loss.

13. If both clans violated the ladder rules, the match will be cancelled. Such closure of the conflict does not mean proven individual cheating will go unhandled, such cases can be reported to the ladder supervisor by mail in order to punish the player(s).

14. If a clan does not comment within 3 days since the last reply, it will be considered they have nothing more to add.

15. The admin will only look at the comments on the conflict page when judging a case. Comments or links to proof on match reports or anywhere else will not be taken into consideration.

16. Match conflicts will be judged by the ladder rules at the time of the match and by the match rules agreed upon in the challenge form.

17. Match conflicts are never urgent and the admin will typically let a week go by before looking at a case to give both sides the chance to explain their case. Wait patiently until a decision is made. Only when a conflict is older than one month, you can mail the game supervisor.

18. Clans who repeatedly make conflicts will be suspended, if they have no foundation in the rules or they are clearly made for the sole purpose of complicating the match process. Clans who repeatedly violate the ladder rules and force other clans into making conflicts will also be suspended.

Modern Warfare 2 S&D rules

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Modern Warfare 2 TDM rules

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